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Child Health Checks

Health Visitors

You can normally see the Health Visitors at their drop-in clinic; for further information please contact the Practice.

Health Visitors are all trained Nurses who have extra training and qualifications in child health.They are a fantastic source of information about child development and health, parenting strategies, breastfeeding, nutrition and community support. They also offer help with social, emotional and environmental issues that affect families.

Child health checks

Appointments are sent out automatically by the local health authority for routine child health checks.

The first will be with a GP at the Surgery when your baby is around 6 weeks old. You will be sent information about this and asked to make an appointment at your local Clinic or Practice.

You will also be offered routine health reviews for your child, with your Health Visitor, at 6-8 weeks, 8-12 months and 2-2½ years old.

Child immunisations

Vaccinations can prevent your child from getting serious diseases.

Our baby clinic is managed by our Practice Nurse who runs a child immunisation clinic every Thursday afternoon between 13:30pm – 15:30pm  by appointment only. If you are unable to attend for an appointment on a Thursday afternoon one of our patient advisors will be able to book you into an alternative practice nurse appointment that is convenient for you.


When you have a new baby our admin team will contact you to arrange an appointment for a 6-8 week check with one of our GPs at the surgery.  You will also be informed of the appointment date and time for your child’s first set of immunisations. At your first set of immunisations appointment the practice nurse will book in the next set of immunisations to ensure your child receives their vaccinations at the correct time. Our Practice Nurse advises that your baby will require Paracetamol within 1 hour of these immunisations so please make sure you have this readily available at home.

When to immunise

Different vaccines are given at different ages to protect you and your child. Find out when these vaccinations are offered, and when and where they’ll be given: